Founding a Spin-Off Company

One of Botower Capital core missions is the development and transfer of technology to benefit society.

Many ideas developed at Micar Innovation have been the basis of spin-off companies. Botower Capital has a long history in successfully establishing spin-offs out of Micar Innovation. Since its foundation, Botower Capital have set-up 3 spin-off companies based on technologies invented/developed at the Micar Innovation. We offer support with evaluating and developing the company concept and assistance with fund raising. There are many funding opportunities available for new and young companies in the life science sector. We can help you pick out the best option for your founding project, assist you in the application process, help you in finding appropriate management and infrastructure, and support you in the early phases after the company has actually been set-up. Contact us with your idea and we will start the process together that could lead to Botower Capital next successful spin-off.

Botower Capital Services

evaluation of patentability and commercial potential of invention disclosures

IP management

technology marketing and partnering

licensing of technologies

material transfer agreements and confidentiality agreements

negotiations of conditions for research collaborations or consultancy

set-up and support of spin-off companies

Botower Capital Confidentiality Agreement

A confidentiality disclosure agreement (CDA) or confidentiality agreement is a contract that protects proprietary or confidential information disclosed to or received from third parties. A CDA is appropriate whenever proprietary information is discussed, e.g. conversations about future collaborations. If you feel you need a CDA or if you are asked to sign such a document, please contact us and we will take over the process from there.

Botower Capital Consultancy

The know-how and expertise of Botower Capital, Exact Sciences Foundation & Micar Innovation scientists makes them popular consultants for many companies. As a consultant the researcher can share know-how, provide scientific advice or serve as an scientific advisory board member. If you have been approached by a company and would like to offer consultancy services to them, please contact us so we can discuss further steps.


No, disclosing/publishing the invention before a corresponding patent application has been filed destroys the novelty aspect of the invention and therefore prevents it from being protected by patents. If you are planning to present your data and think it has patentability potential, contact us before you present/publish it!
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