Our team

Botower Capital team is benefiting of know-how and experiences gathered in Micar Innovation & Exact Sciences Foundation within last decade. The team is developing a pool of highly potent biotech projects originating at academia and finding commercial partners for them.

Using our economical background in combination with our scientific expertise, we will provide complex perspective for evaluation of the project´s potential and feasibility. We will help you find the right strategy, further investors or licensing partners and we will make the numbers play in your favour. Our expertise and network of contacts including big Pharma or investors can open a brand-new perspective for your project.

If you are interested in cooperation, we will most probably be the person you will be meeting most often. Maybe you are already on his radar because we are the one looking for new opportunities. We has been in the world of science for almost three decades and we has made an extensive network of contacts. We will find the right partner in terms of science. You need a cooperative lab that will produce your compound? Are you looking for a partner to share the amount of data you need to measure? We will find one for you.

When your project is ready to launch, and you need to be in favour with the press, we will be the one helping your project get the attention it deserves. We will help you find the right company to create your web pages and find your company´s corporate identity. We will help organizing your trips to conferences and help your project shine a bit more than the others.

The Botower Capital team is highly experienced in building successful global companies. We are dedicated to working with all universities and research institutions to nurture the best teams to commercial success. Botower Capital is led by a team of successful entrepreneurs and investors with a proven international investment platform. Botower Capital believes in investing in teams with the vision and ambition to exploit major growth opportunities

 Bolka Pharmaceuticals - novel drug molecule for the treatment of Chronic Pain
 Pancreatic Pharmaceuticals - novel drug molecule for the treatment of Pancreatic Cancer
 Melasma Pharmaceuticals - novel drug molecule for the treatment of Melasma
Micar Innovation - Your Drug Discovery Factory
Exact Sciences Foundation - Life science inventions and innovations
ESF.Life // Health & Life Science informal cluster in Bulgaria